Track 8, “Too Late for Me” by Annie Fuller

Annie Fuller & George Fuller III
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“Too Late for Me”
I’ve been thinkin’ about the old mush, cold rush, hair brush
This is nothin’ new
‘Cause every time I sit by you
I feel all dizzy

Late date, shoot straight, big gate
There’s no time for this
‘Cause every time I think of you
Oh, that’s too many times to list

If there was a way, boy I’d be there
But there’s nothin’ to say
Nothing to say
And don’t think twice
Not for a minute
‘Cause it’s too late
Too late for me

First glance, last dance, no chance
There’s a hole in my pants
And a whole in my heart
Because of you

Smells good, if I could, I would
Be your number one
Or maybe your number two
Or even three

Writer, lyrics & music: Annie Fuller

Performed by: Annie Fuller (lead vocal), Kathryn Rose (backing vocal), John Findley (acoustic guitar), Don Rooke (dobro), Dennis Keldie (accordion), George Koller (bass), Carl Petzelt (drums)

Recorded at The Asylum, Toronto

Mixed by Jeff Wolpert

Produced by David Krystal

From “The Kitten Incident”

(c) & (p) Krystal Music, Toronto

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