Here’s everything you’d ever want to know about the songs on “Tales of Lust & Longing.” Just click on the song title for musician credits, website links, contact info, and lyrics.

Track 1, “Dirty” by Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets
Track 2, “Sunny Delight” by Rich Whiteley
Track 3, “Land of the Living” by Have Gun Will Travel
Track 4, “Milk & Gasoline” by Experimental Pilot
Track 5, “Party Doll” by the Mojo Gurus
Track 6, “Snow” by The Beauvilles
Track 7, “Cautionary Tale” by Sons of Hippies
Track 8, “Too Late for Me” by Annie Fuller
Track 9, “Lust Never Sleeps” by Ronny Elliott & Rebekah Pulley
Track 10, “He Knew Trouble” by Judy Tampa & Bunko Squad
Track 11, “Love, the Conqueror” by The Ditchflowers
Track 12, “Unconventional” by Military Junior
Track 13, “Hearts Like Mine” by Ted Lukas
Track 14, “Something That Needs Nothing” by giddy up, helicopter!
Track 15, “The Good Life” by baluja
Track 16, “1955” by Roppangi’s Ace
Track 17, “Dead Wreck” by Palantine

Track 18, “Lights On” by Jeremy Gloff