About the Shimmy Shine Artwork

BAAMO, short for Bay Area Arts & Music Organization, Inc., relishes shining a light on the amazing original visual art being created by artists in the Greater Tampa Bay area. There is no better example of this crackling creativity than the murals all over the city of St. Petersburg. Take a gander at the SHINE ON ST. PETE website.

The jacket of Shimmy Shine features three different murals created by two artists. On the front cover and the disc face, Chad Mize‘s “Mr. Sun” beams his iconic smile. The image, created by Griffin Advertising in the 1940s, was used by the city of St. Pete to promote tourism throughout the 1950s and 60s. Thanks to Chad Mize, Mr. Sun will be around for decades to come. This mural is located in the alley between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North, between 5th and 6th Streets, in downtown St. Petersburg, 33701.

On the back cover, with the image also reflected on the inside flap, is another mural from Chad Mize called “Starry Eyed.” And yes, the image is intended to remind of the original supermodel, Twiggy. “Starry Eyed” is located on the wall perpendicular to Mr. Sun, in the same alley.

The inside spread features a quartet of images from the mural “Gator,” created by Pep Rally and stretching high over the yard of one of St. Pete’s original breweries, Green Bench Brewing Company (12th Street, between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North in St. Petersburg). Green Bench is a huge supporter of live and local and it’s cool AF.