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Written by: Kevin Steele

I got the white line fever, comin’ back from the shaky side
I got the white line fever, in a triple digit ride
White line fever, got ‘er up into booogie now
White line fever, layin’ the hammer down and how

You know that I was born in a big rig
I got diesel runnin’ through my veins
Soon as I got me a clear shot
I was burnin’ up the bumper lane
I grew up on the highway
Yes I’ve paid the toll
But eighteen wheels is the only way I roll

Repeat chorus

Well I’m on my way to Cigar City
To pick up another load
Then I flip flop to California
That’s where I get paid what I’m owed
White cross and coffee a little west coast turn around
Then stand on it baby
’cause you know I’m homeward bound

Repeat chorus

I got a girl in Tallahassee
Got a girl in Abilene
One out in San Francisco
And every eat ’em up in between
Love me good tonight
Tomorrow I’ll be gone
I got the white line fever and I gotta keep movin’ on

Repeat chorus

White lines on the mirror
White lines on the road
I got the white line fever baby don’t you know
White line fever
Layin’ the hammer down and how

Performed by The Mojo Gurus: Kevin Steele (vocals), Doc Lovett (guitar) Vinnie Granese (bass), Mark Busto (drums),

Produced and mixed by Jack Douglas

Management: Brett Steele, Rainmaker Music Management Inc.

From “Shakin’ in the Barn”

© & (p) Too Cool Music Publishing (BMI)