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Written by: Ronny Elliott

I’ve got rocks in my head, lust in my heart, muscles on my arms and that’s not the best part. I’ve got a rocket in my pocket and I’m glad to see you. If you get your hooks in the stars the night time will free you.

I’ve got a lump in my throat, a bur under my saddle, I’m ready to shake, to roll and to rattle. I’ve got lust in my heart and one eye on the moon. I’m not ready for romance but I’ll be ready soon.

Waiting for love takes a long time. Find me a pay phone, I’ve got a dime. If you settle for lust, the line’s even longer, the check’s in the mail, the medicine’s stronger.

I’ve scrubbed my shadow and I’ve racked my brain. I’m cursed with good memory but I can’t complain. Yeah, you’re drunker than a poet, waiting for payday. That bulge in your pocket ain’t going away.

Waiting for love takes a long time. Find me a pay phone, loan me a dime. Settle for lust, the line’s even longer, my love is strong- hey, mine’s even stronger.

Clever repartee ad nauseam.

Writer, music & lyrics: Ronny Elliott

Performed by: Ronny Elliott (guitar, vocals), Rebekah Pulley (guitar, vocals), Steve Connelly (pedal steel), Walt Bucklin (guitar)

Produced and recorded by Walt Bucklin, Steve Connelly and Ronny Elliott


© & (p) Ronny Elliott, BMI