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Written by: Will Quinlan

Sweet surrender 1945, under late November snow
she was always so beautiful in white,
take me with you when you go
back to Ohio

seen the needle shining out so bright, Cuyahoga says she knows
turn it down low and burn it out all night, send me down that river slow
oh, Ohio

the rain in our eyes, the burned coal black night
the prayers we know, the words on the stone
the radio lies, and broken hearts die
the wind on the road will carry us home
home, Ohio

30 years under late November snow, where she went you’ll never know
hear the north wind so terrible and cold, hear it say you’ll never go
back to, Ohio

Performed by Will Quinlan: Will Quinlan (Acoustic and electric guitars, Lead vocal), Steve Connolly (pedal steel), Brian Lane (Upright Bass), Soraya Zaumeyer (Organ, harmony vocal), Matt Burke (Banjo), Jesse Martin (Drums)

From the album “Wayfaring”

© & (p) Texsonmusic (ASCAP)